Friday, March 31, 2006

MMFA & Irony

So MMFA has done 3 4 studies on the guests of political talk shows to "prove" that many more conservatives/Republicans are guests than liberals/Democrats. Those can be found here, here , here , and here . So one would reasonably conclude that they want more progressive/liberal voices to be heard on these type of shows. So yesterday they put a post here regarding Juan Williams and some comments he made regarding the teenagers who left school to protest the upcoming illegal immigration legislation. There were two things ironic about this post. The first was that the meaning of what Williams said was only mentioned in the headline, summary, and first paragraph; nowhere in the article was what he said discussed or analyzed. The whole post was about how Williams had ignored the NPR policy or "obligation to stay reportorial" and not to give "personal opinions on programs that are looking to appear fair and balanced by hauling in someone from NPR to be the token lefty." This leads to the second or more amusing irony.

MMFA has used to 4 studies to demand that more liberal/progressive voices be heard on these opinion/political type shows. Yet, now they are criticizing Juan Williams and Mara Liasson (also mentioned in the post) for going on them and giving their viewpoint (which is generally liberal). So which is it MMFA?? Do you want more progressives on these shows or don't you??


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