Monday, July 23, 2007

Obama's pathetic racial pandering

From Obama's speech as the La Raza (the Racists, I mean the Race) convention:

Obama: "If there's a child stuck in a crumbling school who graduates without ever learning to read, it doesn't matter if that child is a Latino from Miami or an African-American from Chicago or a white girl from rural Kentucky, she's still our child, and the struggle is our struggle,"

Reality: If there's a child stuck in a crumbling school that graduates without ever learning to read (which coincidentially would not happen in Miami since we have the FCAT which is required for graduation and requires that students read at grade level--10th grade is the final test), that child could go to a different and better school if the Democrats would ever get behind vouchers and merit pay (which Obama did actually endorse once). Of course, that would fracture the unholy alliance with the Teachers Unions.

Obama: The Illinois Democrat said the recent Senate immigration debate "was both ugly and racist in a way we haven't see since the struggle for civil rights."

Reality: I thought Obama claimed that he was bringing a tone of hope and promise to Washington. Since when does that include launching personal attacks at those who disagree with you on a particular policy issue. Opponents of amnesty and illegal immigration (which happens to be a large majority of the American public) have many logical reasons to oppose the bill introduced in the Senate, the least of which has to do with race and ethnic origin. And the comparison of civil rights for African American CITIZENS (key word here) to legalization for Hispanic ILLEGAL immigrants is laughable. Especially for those who have committed crimes and/or are gang members.

Only a matter of time before Obama's true colors shown through.


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