Monday, April 10, 2006

Katrina Watch

Our favority loony liberal pundit Katrina Vanden Heuvel (ok, 2nd favorite---Paul Krugman is still the top of the list) appeared on This Week on March 26 during the Roundtable segment. And of course, she was ridiculous as usual.

KVH: "Undocumented immigrants are the backbone of this economy. They do the suburban lawns in this country, they take care of the kids, the economy in this country would be in real trouble.."

Yes, 5% of the nation's workforce (a majority of which work at or below minimum wage) are the backbone of this economy. Not middle class professionals. Not small business owners or entrepreneurs. Not large corporations that employ hundreds or thousands of people. But the people who cut grass, wash dishes, pick fruit, and babysit kids. Yes, they are the backbone.

George Will did respond to her ridiculous claim on the show saying "By the way the backbone of our economy is Microsoft and Silicon Vally, it's not raking leaves.."

KVH: "..What's happened in our country is some of the White Supremecist thinking that used to be represented by David Duke has been absorbed by people like Tancredo. That's a very dangerous threat, the draconian legislation in the house is un-American. It's obscene"

Yep, only a matter of time (3 min 50 seconds to be exact) before she pulls out the race(ist) card. So basically any person who wants border security before a guest-worker, earned citizenship, amnesty plan is a racist because they hate minorities and don't want them to come into the country illegally. Guess that would mean that 66% of Americans are racists. I also find it ironic that the side which is constantly complaining about being called un-American when they call the president a murderer or a war profiteer or a facist (i.e. dissent to them) now has no problem calling the other side's view un-American.

George Will also got her with a good response to the David Duke comment. "Well they do if the debate becomes characterized, I'd say mischaracterized, like Karina just did with David Duke and White Supremacists and all the rest, none of that is involved."

KVH: "I don't support guest worker. I support earned citizenship."

Translation: Let as many illegals in as possible, let them all become citizens and let them all vote for us.


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