Friday, October 27, 2006

"Racist" RNC Harold Ford ad

An ad was aired poking fun at Harold Ford and his views/actions here:

A (pathetic) response to the original ad, which calls the ad racist is here:

What's funny is the poster's attempt to "discredit" this ad and point out it "racist" messages is so pathetic that it mirrors the Democrats and shows how inept they are winning elections and arguing issues.
Just to correct a few things in the ad.

1. People are stupid and will vote for Harold Ford because he's handsome. Yes, that is exactly what the ad is poking fun at. Much the same way Barack Obama is praised because of his charisma and charm.

2. So I'm guessing you are in favor of not being able to wiretap terrorists considering that you didn't actually address the issue raised by the person in the ad, but instead recycled a 200+ year old quote. Last time I checked preventing terrorist attacks that could kill thousands - hundreds of thousands wasn't "a little Temporary Safety". Guess it is in your book.

3. Estates > $2 million pay taxes (again) on some money that was already taxed. So we can tax people multiple times over and over again, but can't listen to private phone calls of terrorists, cool? cool.

4. No, it wasn't black-face you moron. It's called camouflage. It's what's hunters do to cover up up their skin so that they less visible when in the woods. Of course if you had ever met anyone who had ever hunted before you might know that.

5. Harold Ford attended a Playboy sponsored party in Jacksonville, Florida. This actor is playing a person at that party (possibly Playboy bunny) who met Harold. Got that?

6. well, being right on 1 out of 9 ain't bad.

7. Maybe Bill Clinton could have stopped N Korea from enriching uranium (in addition to just plutonium as the framework agreed to) and could have stopped them from getting a bomb. Oh wait, he was too busy sending Madeline Albright over there to present Kim Jong Il with signed fault.

8. Cable TV companies air porn movies in addition to the 98% of non-porn content they air. They do NOT produce them.

9. Did I mention that Harold Ford went to a playboy sponsored party at the Super Bowl? Because apparently you missed the memo on that one.
Personally, I could care less if he went to a Playboy Party (unless he was married). I'd go myself if I got the chance and I was single. But the point of the ad (and albeit a weak one) is that Harold Ford doesn't represent the values of most Tenneesseans because he is going to parties hosted by Playboy. Nothing about black men and white women or racism or any other pathetic arguments you liberals are trying to make. End of Story.


Anonymous pedro said...

this was educational

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because you, a bastion of objectivity, don't find something racist, it is clearly not racist.

Also, it doesn't matter, because you and your Southern friends wouldn't admit to hating black people anyway. Everyone is equal, and all Republicans are colorblind, right? Let's disregard that whole 400 years of slavery, and screwing black people over economically. Any disparity in economic standing from this point on is their own fault.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Truth Matters said...

Because you (anonymous) as a moron, find something racist, that doesn't make it so.

You are correct. I wouldn't admit to something that I don't do or don't practice (hating black people). No, not all Republicans are colorblind, just like all Democrats aren't colorblind; all independents are not colorblind. What does slavery have to do with you and others completely misinterpreting a political ad????? No one is forcing black people (or people of any color) to join gangs, commit crimes, and throw their lives down the toilet. So, no I don't feel sorry for anyone(regardless of race or social class) who ends up with a low economic standing because of their own stupidity and laziness.

7:22 PM  

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