Saturday, July 22, 2006

It takes one to know one

Clearly marymary (the owner of Michelle Malkin is an idiot) must be familiar with idiocy to be able to determine that Malkin in an idiot.

For example, looking at her post here from July 10, she writes about a girl in Nigeria who was killed by Muslims because she had some type of anti-religious material (as mentioned on Malkin's site):

"She’s such a bigot. Yes, apparently, the youths who made up the lynch mob were Muslims. But what the hell does it matter? People who participate in lynchings are despicable whatever their religion.

Murderous thugs are murderous thugs. The Muslim religious fanatics who killed that poor Nigerian girl are no better or worse than the Christian religious fanatics who bomb abortion clinics or kill gays, or hang black men for dating white women. They’re called fanatics for a reason."

The reason it matters that the mob was Muslim is because it fits a predictable and common pattern of behavior: fanatical Islamic men inflicting death and violence on "infidels" in the name of their religion. Because you don't see stories about Christians killing people for possessing or handing out anti-Christian literature or Buddhists killing people for possessing or handing out anti-Buddhist literature or Hindus or any other common worldwide religion doing the things that Islam has been doing for years now: widespread justifiable death and destruction in its name.

Regarding her second point about fanatics, it is true that the mob in Nigeria are despicable beings just as people who bomb abortion clinics or kill gays or hang black people or anyone who inflicts intentional unjustifiable death, destruction, and mayhem on others. However, their is a difference between today's islamo-fanatics and Christian religious fanatics.

1) The Christians who hung black people for dating white women were from many years ago (mostly 1700-1800's). Those do not exist on a widespread or regular. Yes, there may be 1 person who is a Christian who kills a black person for dating a white person nowadays. But it is not a widespread movement, which has repeatedly inflicted death and destruction through violence in recent times. The closest thing to a modern day lynching was James Byrd's 1998 dragging death and there is no evidence that the men were Christian or committed this crime in the name of Christ.

2) Regarding the crimes against abortion clinics, there have been a total of 7 people murdered in abortion clinic violence Stats here. Even if you throw in attempted murder (17), you have 24 people that have been affected. Over 2900 people alone died on 1 day alone (9/11) in the name of Islamo-facist terror, yet you are trying to morally equate this to 7 deaths in the name of Christian-facist terror. This doesn't even include the US Embassy bombings, the USS Cole, the Quran riots in Afghanistan, the aforementioned girl from Nigeria, the Bali nightclub bombing, etc.. Also notice that there have not been any murder attempts since 2000 whereas Islamo-facist terror happens almost every day.

Mary do you still view a few fringe Christians the same as thousands (or hundreds of thousands) Islamo-facists that want death for America?