Thursday, October 19, 2006

Liberal Hypocrisy Example #322

Liberals are constantly complaining about voter suppression and voters being given inaccurate information (flyers which supposedly told black people to vote on the wrong day or that if people have unpaid parking tickets they will not be allowed to vote). Yet, now they go to court to sue in Florida to keep printed signs which would explain that votes for Mark Foley would actually count for his replacement (Joe Negron) and NOT for the disgraced child-predator.

So which is it? Do Democrats want voters to be completely informed regarding elections or not? They have a problem (and justifiably so) with inaccurate and false fliers concerning voting but they also have a problem with accurate and truthful fliers being posted regarding voting. It's just another example of liberals doing whatever is best for them in a given situation, NOT following the true principles that they actually believe in (like when they claim they support free speech, yet shout people down and disrupt talks and seminars with and without violence)