Monday, July 30, 2007

The HuffPo kidz are at it again

Scroll Down for Updates (8/02/2007):

Arianna Huffington from Sean Hannity's Show Sunday July 22, 2007:

"We have taken down comments which wishes anybody dead"
"If anybody wishes harm, or death, or any kind of harm to anyone, I will take it down"

Oh really Arianna???? Just a sampling of those comments from the story on John Roberts seizure which are alive and well on Huff Po:

Well, there is a God after all....Let God's will be done!!!!

Lets hope he is injured seriously. Chief Justice John Roberts is a corupt right wing Bush lick ass criminal

A long stay away from the court would be fine. I won't lie, I wish him a long painful recovery. In fact, I'm not so sure I care if he recovers.

Well, I'll speak for MY end of the HUFF community and Hope he croaks in the worst most painful manner.

Maybe he can die from malpractice and show us how tort reform is a good idea when his family takes the high road and doesn't sue.

Smote his ass, God did!

Here is a selection of comments which do not wish Roberts dead, but are quite disgusting and revolting in their own right.

Perhaps he is still loved by the talibangelicals, but not by anyone else

He was screwing gay hookers and snorting meth, you know the GOP routine

It's kind of pointless to bring up Clinton and his dick, when your Repig fellas are molesting kids, frequenting hookers to change their diapers, and asking undercover cops to give them a blowjobs isn't it sparky??

Seizure? Too much Viagara, Oxicoten and Ecstasy?

speaking of 'sucking', Roberts is a closet queer...and frequents some of the D.C. area's gay bars during the work week (Mondays & Tuesdays mainly) so as not to be noticed.

he's a GOP repig so I'm not sure about the whole "human being" thing

I also threw in there the other comments, which were not related to wishing John Roberts ill, to provide examples of what passes for a "reasonable dialogue" among the HuffPo commentators.

UPDATED 7/31/2007 7PM: All comments listed above are still up on the comments section of the original article. #1, #2, #3, #6, #7 are on the first page of comments, #4, #5 are on the second page. And yes, I do have screenshots showing them still up. Also, Huffington Post was contacted regarding these comments (although they really are supposed to be able to police them on their own). I sent them a comment on the "Contact us" page (didn't really want to go through the bother of creating an account at the time) which mentioned specifically every one of the 7 comments listed above last night (7/30/2007) at 10:30 PM. And they remain.....

UPDATED 8/2/2007 8:55PM: More comments "which wishes anybody dead" have been found.

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